35+ & 35++ Upgrades


40, 44 & 48 HP Briggs & Stratton Horizontal & Vertical Shaft mud motor engines are now available at Bayou Rentals in Patterson La. All engines are modified, tuned, and dyno tested to verify performance numbers. Dyno sheets will be provided with each engine sold.  40, 44 & 48 HP modifications are offered for new or customer supplied engines. New engines come with a full 3 year warranty.

Our kits are real world tested, and horsepower gains are verified. Our kits do not sacrifice bottom end torque, mid-range acceleration, or top end performance. Don’t spend money on a staged kit, or modifications that do not verify torque and horsepower gains.

* Connecting with a reputable dyno operator is clearly the first objective when planning a dyno test.
Doug has over 30 years of experience with engine and dyno work.

Stock & Modified 35HP engines are in stock and ready to install on your mud motor / shallow water frames.