STIHL blowers used around the home include a wide range of quality components, including high-tech polymer housings that resist corrosion and withstand impacts; adjustable blower tubes for custom height preferences; and upright, translucent fuel tanks for easy checking and filling (gasoline-powered models only). The list goes on. And almost all of these blowers also accept vacuum and gutter cleaner kits, making them even more useful around the home. There’s no better choice for keeping your personal landscape looking pristine.

Battery Powered Blowers

Lightweight, handheld blower with integrated battery — ideal for smaller residential yards.

Stihl Battery Powered Blower
Stihl Blower bga 45

Gas-powered Handheld Blowers

Stihl Gas Powered Hand Held Blower

Backpack Blowers

Hand Held Blowers

Blower Accessories

Optional Hip Belt
Chest Strap
Flat Nozzle
Curved Nozzle