Scag EVZ Electric Mower

The EVZ is the first electric-powered unit in Scag’s industry-leading lawn mower lineup. Clean and quiet operation is ensured whether you’re using the EVZ at home or on the job. The EVZ gives more people the chance to see why Scag® machines are Simply the Best.

Go-Devil Boats & Engines

Go-Devil Longtail Engines Longtails are practical engines and offer the most dependability of any shallow water marine engine on the market. They are designed to work in the most ridiculous conditions including cypress-laden swamps, rocky rivers, hard mud bottoms, and intense vegetation. They are the most affordable shallow water marine engines and offer the least…

35+ & 35++ Motor Upgrades

* Connecting with a reputable dyno operator is clearly the first objective when planning a dyno test. Doug has over 30 years of experience with engine and dyno work. Stock & Modified 35HP engines are in stock and ready to install on your mud motor / shallow water frames. ** KNOWLEDGE IS HORSEPOWER **


Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engines We design and build high-performance commercial engines that range from 5.5 to 40.0 gross horsepower. You can rely on them to get the job done. Honda,Kawasaki, Brigs & Stratton, and more.  Quality engines for Boats, Mowers, Scag, and other types of equipment. Kohler Gasoline Engines Designed to meet a variety…